Glander International Bunkering Spain

Minería / Petróleo / Gas | Valencia, España


Reputed for our integrity, professionalism and enduring business relationships, we provide marine fuel and bunkering services to over a thousand vessel-owners worldwide. Our long-standing relationships are testimony to our commitment to our clients.A company with a proud heritage of over 55 years, we take pride in our experience and expertise in assisting our clients with the purchase of the highest quality petroleum, crude oil, engine oil and many more products in a cost-effective manner.Our unwavering and focused strategy is to constantly build on our legacy of excellence to be the leading point of reference for the international bunkering industry.Our global team of multicultural and multilingual bunker traders are always available to understand, advise and provide solutions for all bunker and lubricant requirements, anywhere in the world.


Minería / Petróleo / Gas


Paseo Alameda 34, Edificio Mozart, 7E, 46023 Valencia, Spain
Valencia, España.